Sunday, July 29, 2012

So, the purge is taking longer than I ever thought it would.  Spent most of the weekend, setting up my laptop with everything I have on here.  I had never taken the time to do that.  I never liked the laptop as it is too small.  It does come in handy though since it is moveable.  It will be a great backup and I can have things on there that won't need to be put on my new computer (if it ever gets out of that box LOL). None of the moving around of my space got started and will have to wait until next weekend.  Actually this works out since I work this week and then am off for a week. 

I am very sad that my three astrology programs (from Matrix software) will not be compatible (they are ancient).  I can't install them on the laptop.  I emailed them though to see if there is anything I can do.  Can't afford to re-purchase. 

I did a meditation session and it was very emotional.  Took me back to a time in my life when I was truly happy (before things changed when I was 6)  It was absolutely wonderful to feel this and of course the tears started to flow.  I am to work on remembering this girl.  Soon as I was out of the mediation, I went right to my old photos and found one of my first love.  How sweet and how happy we were just being.

He was the boy next door, my best friend in the whole world and it broke my heart when we had to move away.  Often wonder what happened to him.

Pulled a card from Nature Spirits Oracle Cards and got Follow Your Path

"she chooses to stand on one path, even though there are many different paths around her.  She asks me to trust and follow the path that feels right to me"

I believe I am on the right path.  I just keep falling off or perhaps falling behind.  But that is okay. It is all part of the journey.

I am grateful today for the beautiful view out my window as I type this ... a beautiful blue sky with just a hint of white, a forest of trees moving gently in the breeze and the birds singing.

I am grateful for the productive weekend I had and for what I accomplished even though it was not what was planned.

I am grateful to a special friend who, by way of his words, made me feel like I mattered, like I have made a difference in others' lives.  Thank you.

I am grateful Mr. Neighbour to my left, Mrs. Neighbour to my right and Young Neighbour above are all very quiet this weekend.  Makes a difference.

to be continued ....


  1. I guess that is why people like facebook, have you checked for him?

    Keep up the good vibes~ Sharyn

  2. Honestly, haven't thought about him at all lately until the other day so no, I haven't tried to find him. He has a very common last name and it would probably be difficult. But with you mentioning it, perhaps I should do a search on facebook. Never know. Or perhaps its all best left back when we were so young. :))