Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am grateful I woke up this morning.
I am grateful I had a job to go to.
I am grateful I enjoy my job (mostly).
I am grateful I have a home to come to after work is finished.
I am grateful for my knowledge, such as it is, and,
I am grateful I know it is an on-going process, never ending.

Today was a pretty good day.  The sun was shining and although hot, the humidity is still down.  There is some relief from the heat.  It is on the way back, however, that is in the future and I am here.

My daughter is not doing well the last little while and she unloaded on me on the way home from work.  That was fine.  I am grateful she feels she can tell me her deepest thoughts and fears.  However, it does upset me (I would never tell her) and I had a little cry when I got home as a release.  Once that was out, I was able to exercise and sit down for my meditation session.  I have a little cabin where I spend some time during these sessions so I conjured up my daughter and gave her a tour.  Held her hands and tried to pass on some strength.  Once that was complete, I continued on to meet my guide and again most of the focus was on my failed relationship with a dear friend.  My concentration today being on balance and harmony between us.  It was a good session.

Drew two cards from the DruidCraft deck with this relationship still in mind:

16 The Tower
5 of Cups

Both are gorgeous cards and so perfect.  Our relationship falling apart, exploding apart and my sense of loss.  But also with the two cups behind him (me), it is time to focus on the present, looking toward the future, not focusing on what has been lost.  Focus on what still is and will be.  This is my lesson ... learning to let go.  Not easy for a Taurus Sun/Scorpio Asc. square Saturn person.  Life changes, people change, they come and go, we must adapt ...

to be continued .....

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