Sunday, June 29, 2014

Holy Crap!!

Busy time at work is over, summer is here, so where is Carol?  Why the difficulty in getting started again.    It is no secret, apart from work being way too busy, there has been some family health issues and also I suffered a best friend loss.  (not such a best friend as it turns out).  The combination brought me down big time leaving me with a long way back up.  But the determination of my Taurus Sun and the optimism of my Sag Moon somehow keeps me trying.  My Gemini Mercury has me all over the place lately and unable to concentrate for very long.  Good excuse right.  NOT.

Anyway, July is almost here.  I have lots of vacation time over the next three months and this is going to be my time to figure out exactly what it is I want now that life has changed. No, it is me that has changed.  Changing.  Moving forward with a new me.  Maybe not so visible on the outside but certainly within.

I am keeping to my word of using decks that have been stuck away.  Today got out Vision Quest Tarot by Gayan Silvie Winter and Jo Dose.

Based on what I said above, I decided to do a three card spread.  The first card is the essence of my question; the second card is what hinders me; and the third card is what helps me. 

Here are my cards:

I started to cry when I saw these cards.  All that emotion staring back at me and oh so true.  But yet so very helpful.  Especially the words written in the LWB about Five of Water "The veils of ignorance are being lifted.  An illusion you have created and clung to now slowly dissolves, as it must.  Be brave, this is the beginning of an internal liberation." The lost friendship was/is an illusion and I did cling to it thinking it was what it wasn't/isn't.  Dissolve away. 

I love the Balance card.  So gorgeous.  Earlier today I found a wonderful hour long guided meditation on YouTube and the plan is to work with that tonight.  Exactly what I need.

I love these cards.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Risks and beginnings

My card of the day is shown as the picture of the day.  I love it. Perfect for my new adventures so long on hold. No more hesitation or excuses.  Much needed vacation arriving July 4 for 10 days.  YAY!!  ME time.  So excited.

More to come.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Too soon

I have so many decks stashed away, not being used and in some cases, never used.  Why do I have them, why did I buy them, or receive them??  As part of my journey forward, I will use each of these decks with no time limits placed to discover if they are to remain in my life.

Yesterday, I dug out Once Upon a Time deck by Lisa Hunt.  I love the artwork but never did use the deck.

Earlier today pulled:

Perfect card for my thought processes. It shows me I am on my way, moving forward but not quite there. Look at all my ghosts.  Certainly some good, some bad, some somewhere in between.  That is for me to sort out before I can see what is at the end of those steps.  All I know for sure is I am on my way to a greater perspective and I must trust the flow of life as it takes me.  Trust in the unknown.  And know I am not alone.  Let others help me on this journey.

Now that my job will be calm once again and my energy levels pick up, hopefully blogging will resume. I miss it so much and miss keeping up with everyone.  The whole job thing and working in accounting has run its course for me.  Time to move on.  This I am working on.

Last evening as I turned off my computer and looked out the window, this is what I saw:

Just a sliver but what a sight.  What a lovely way to end the day.  :))))