Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day.  (I think we are 145 years old). Another very hot day here in southwestern Ontario.  Looking at the forecast, it seems it will be around to mid week anyway (that is as far as the forecast goes).  A little too hot for one who doesn't have a/c and perhaps I might have to think about getting a window unit.

I've had a busy day finishing up some housework and getting things in order to go back to work on Tuesday.  Managed to do everything on the list and now tomorrow will be a "me" day.  Yay!!

Just finished a meditation session although it did not go as planned.  I ended up spending the entire session with a good friend who lives in the UK who I don't get to see.  We sat on the porch of my cabin overlooking nature totally at peace.  We didn't need to talk much as our communication was on a deeper level.  There is something in real life she is wishing for which absolutely could become a reality although it hasn't manifested yet.  It seemed to me, while in the session, we were focusing on this wish as we sat.  Thanks for a special mediation experience my dear friend.

Using the DruidCraft, I drew three cards.

1 - 8 of Swords - this one came up yesterday as well and at first I wondered why it was showing itself again.

2 - Princess of Pentacles - She is alone concentrating on the pentacle in her hand.  My first thought was the meditation sessions are exactly what I need to be doing.  Working on my vision as I'd like it to manifest.  The card also shouts out to me that she does not mind being alone.  She looks content.  An important message for me.

3- Prince of Pentacles - He is determined and will not stop until the job is done.  He is telling me to continue along.  Be healthy ... eat right, exercise, meditate, work hard.  It will pay off.

The message today .. keep working at it Carol.  And indeed I will.  The Pentacles are earth and my sun is in Taurus.  I do have patience, I am determined.  Definitely fall off the path on occasion but always get myself back on.   Even though I feel stuck (8 of Swords), I am working my way through it.  I am finding ways and there is hope.

to be continued ....

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