Monday, September 1, 2014

Big (life changing) changes in progress (I hope)

Can't believe it is September 1st already.  Where did the summer go?  For me it has been full of searching within and without.  During this process, I made a pretty big decision and am in the midst of the follow through.  Details to be shared once it is a done deal.  My stress level and ability to concentrate is, well, off the charts.   Listen to my inner voice, not the one sitting on my shoulder, I keep reminding myself.  Over and over as I tend to second guess my decisions.  Basically that is just the fear (perhaps of change) talking.

Today, I drew three cards relating to this particular life change, what I need to know and the ultimate effect.  These are the cards I drew from the Anna K Tarot:

Wow, I think this just might work out???  Do I dare think so? Hopefully within the week I will be celebrating as in the Nine of Cups.  Any positive thoughts directed my way would be appreciated, especially Tuesday around 7pm.

'til next time ....