Saturday, July 14, 2012

A headache kinda day and that sucks.  Also a Mercury retro kind of day.  On paper this looks okay for me this time around.  Mercury retro at 12 Leo is trine my natal Moon in Sag(1)(Mercury and Moon are natally opposite), sextile natal Mercury (a little off at 13Gemini55)(7) and also sextile Neptune in Libra (11).  Will have to see how it plays out.
 Earlier today, I was catching up on some blogs I read and left comments in three of them.  In one I left a comment on two posts.  Looking back later, only one of my comments showed up in one blog. The others.  Gone :(  I was going to try to re-write but decided against (would never remember what I originally wrote anyway) and leave as is.  Guess there is a reason somewhere for them being gone.
Yesterday, as I do every Friday, I rode my bicycle to work.  It was a chore as it was hot and humid.  Going in the early morning was a little easier than making my way home at 4pm.  A few times my poor little legs felt like they wanted to stop.  But on I went.  My day at work had been very busy physically so add this on to a 30 minute bike ride home, a stop at the grocery store, filling my backpack full to the brim weighing, well who knows ... by the time I got home I was ready for bed ... well a shower for sure!! :))

Today is another hot humid day making it hard to get motivated.  Proud of myself for getting on my treadmill and walking/running for 20 minutes, doing some stretching, as well as my special back exercises.  I have to be determined.

Wanting a new tarot deck to play with, I opened one of the spaces where I have some decks and randomly pulled out a deck.  Turned out to be an oracle deck ... Nature Spirits.  It has been stuck at the back of the drawer for eons.  Nice to see it again.  Spent some time shuffling it and getting a feel for it and drew a card:

Leap of Faith - from the Guide Book "As the Nature Spirit takes that leap of faith, she is focused, trusting and determined, and she asks you to be the same."  Interesting that I used the word "determined" earlier.  I did not read the guide book until right now as I was writing this.  This card reinforces my determination to trust myself, to move forward and away from the past (and my hurts) and to ask for help in doing so.  Try something new to help break old habits.  And most important to know I have it all within myself.

I know this stuff but constantly need to remind myself to keep on the path.  It isn't easy changing old habits.  But I am damn well going to give it a try.  Actually it is exciting.

to be continued ....

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