Friday, July 20, 2012

Why does life have to be so challenging.  Oh okay, no answer for that.  Perhaps it is Mercury retro or maybe the New Moon.  This was a week off work.  Apart from the heat, it started out great.  Tuesday, it began to break.  I had an appointment to go to and headed out mid day .. walking.  Immediately knew it was too hot to walk but had no choice at this point.  I needed a change of clothes by the time I got to my destination!! Luckily I was smart enough to fill my thermos with cold water.

After my appointment, I went to exchange my modem for a newer model.  This went smoothly.  When I got home, hooked it up, nothing worked.  Not my desktop, not my laptop, not my IPod.  I did all the things they suggest.  Turn off, check the cables etc etc.  Nothing.  Called for help.  They could see the problem but could not fix.  Told me it could be up to 48 hours.  Excuse me ... don't you know I am off work this week and I need my computer?  I have work to do.  At this point I was hot, tired, frustrated and on the verge of tears.  I called my daughter. Someone needed to know my frustration and be able to talk me down.  Bless her, she did.  Sort of.  I was still upset but resigned to finding something else to do until fixed.  If I had been working, it would not have bothered me at all.  Being at home and having plans to accomplish a lot ... but it meant having the use of a computer ... well 'nuf said.

Obviously, I have it back now.  When the call came everything was now in order only my laptop worked.  I use my desktop for most of my activities.  It would not connect.  Again, I had to call.  Finally, the lady I was talking to figured out the problem. 

However, the whole thing threw me right off my path so to speak.  I didn't want to change my plan for the week.  I let the disruption upset me and it isn't easy for me to be un-upset.  I spent today trying to catch up to the point I feel much better and I still have the weekend before returning to work on Monday.

There was no exercise or meditation today.  I lost track of time and evening is upon me.  I did shuffle and draw a card from Nature Spirits Oracle Cards:

Contemplation & Reflection - a sentence from the Guide book "Look at your challenges from a higher perspective" ...  wise words.  Perhaps I need to do some contemplation and reflecting on the past few days.  How I reacted perhaps.  Lessons to learn.

From a higher perspective the challenges of this past week are nothing in comparison to what others are going through, facing, dealing with.  People close to me.  People around the world.  I am grateful.

My love and healing energy go full force to Jeff (my cousin's husband) who has been fighting his battle with cancer and still not out of the woods as we'd hoped.  Set backs happen but hope is always present.  Love you Jeff.

to be continued ....

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  1. Ah, the frustrations of technology, and upset plans. I'm a great one for having plans, and not wanting to change them, too ;) Still, I like that you can be witness to your own frustration, and try to learn from it.
    It's good to read your gratitude, too. No matter how hard life seems, I try to appreciate the good in it, too :)