Monday, July 16, 2012

What can I say.  It is too hot.  Living in a country where we only have two, maybe three months of hot weather it is sad to complain.  All winter we wait for this.  I actually enjoy the winter but have to be honest enjoy the summer more.  I could do without the humidity and would move somewhere without in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself.

Despite the heat, I managed to walk over to the grocery store for supplies.  Walked/ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes and did a mini version of a workout.  After that, I was done.  It is time to look into a window air conditioning unit.  I hesitate because my apartment only has the balcony sliding door and a bedroom window.  My kitties use the bedroom window to sit in (I have my dresser positioned perfectly in front of the window so they can lounge) all the time.  If I close it up, that option will be gone for them.  This would not make me happy.  So a bit of a dilemma.

I did not do a meditation session today although had planned to.  I did shuffle the Nature Spirits Oracle cards and pulled a card for the day. 


It is telling me to be aware of everything I see and feel as I will receive signs in my everyday life.  Perhaps signs of the clarity I have been seeking or signs of new opportunities.  Use my power of observation in better ways.

I am liking these cards.  A lot.  They say a lot but are playful and cute.  A nice combination for me right now.

My beautiful daughter and her boyfriend.  She is joy.

to be continued ....

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