Saturday, March 7, 2015

Burdens lifed

A far away fiend, who paints, told me she was going to toss her collection thinking they weren't very good anyway.  Oh my gosh, I said.  Don't do that. I'll take them.  She agreed and is sending me one painting at a time, whenever the urge strikes her.  I have not seen them so each will be a surprise.

The first painting arrived a few weeks ago.

Upon opening, I was amazed at the colours used and what a perfect fit for my bedroom wall in my new home.  Once my painting job is complete, this is where her painting will live.

Second thought ... Six of Swords ... with the perspective of the arrival rather than the leaving.  I've already gone through the process of figuring out new solutions and perspectives.  I've created a new cycle allowing old difficulties to be resolved or put behind me.  Burdens lifted as a new life begins.

Thank you SM - your painting is perfect.  Can't wait for the next one to arrive.

Smiles :)))))

(SM knows nothing of tarot)

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Unfortunately not much time for tarot these tax season work days. Sad yes.  And since my relocation last November, the commute to work is two hours a day spent in a car.  The positive is I get to spend these two hours with my son.  We work only ten minutes from each other so everything has worked out.  It is joy to spend these two hours five days a week with him.

We used to leave in the dark, come home in the dark.  Then when the weather was right, amazing sunsets.  The last two weeks, we get to see the sun rise.  What a sight.  Pure joy.  Going home, the sun is higher and not quite ready to set.  But the occasional great picture shows itself.  As we drive along I can't stop myself from snapping picture after picture.  Even on the worst days when it is stormy and windy, nature is truly amazing.  A little dangerous at times for sure.  The winter stormy part of the commute isn't exactly joyful and it has been a bad winter.

My goal: Keep finding joy in the simple things.  They are everywhere. This was last Thursday on the way home a little later than usual.  Sun right in our eyes.

My card of the day today: Understanding (Page of Water) from the Osho Zen Tarot.  Perfect.

'Til next time

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Note to Self

Just not enough hours in the day.  A common complaint I suppose.  Definitely true in my life.

Note to self: next life do not work in accounting.  There is no life between January and May and there is way too much stress and pressure.  Enough said.

A day off ... yay!!  Am doing my best to fit in a tarot session.  My to do list is long but decided allowing myself some "me" time would not only benefit me but all the other people involved in my life.

Am ready to begin and have some fun.

Wildwood here I come ....

PS - Is there anyone who has a knitting or crochet pattern(s) for tarot bags you are willing to share.  My next project once May arrives.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015

A new year begins. For me it represents the beginning of a new beginning. A new home, a new town, new situations, new routines. Except for having the same job (a lovely 50 minute commute each way), everything has changed.  All very quickly, rather unexpectedly and all within three months.  So here I am.

In those months, with my normal routines disrupted, I did not touch a tarot deck or look at a birth chart.  As I settle into my new home discovering what my new "normal" will be, I find my hands longing to shuffle a deck. To just sit and close my eyes for a meditation.  It has been way too long.

Finally, yesterday I sat, closed my eyes and left my physical body for awhile. What a pleasure. What a difference it makes.

Today, I found a tarot deck, shuffled and drew a card.  Left it face down. Wanted to feel it, touch it and enjoy it.  Wrote some thoughts in my journal before seeing the card.  

When ready I turned it over to find the Magician.  Begin at the beginning, at the root. All the knowledge and tools are within my realm of possibility. What a lovely first card to get after all this time.  (I am unable to add a photo until my system is totally up and running.)

Could not resist doing the numerology of my new town, my address and my post office box. 

The town letters add up to a 9 - for me a meaning of the 9 is the seeds of a new beginning.  That fits.

My street address adds up to a 5.  5 is my soul number.

My post office box number adds up to 5 - I had to smile when I realized this. Totally random as the computer chose once the lady put my info in.

Seems meant to be.

Sometimes life amazes me.  The challenges and the good times.  They all fit together in an odd and beautiful way.  It is for me to work on figuring it all out.  Along the way, I have fully realized I need to be my own best friend, I need to be okay on my own and to create my own reality.  If all of this happens, it opens the door for healthier relationships outside myself.

I have missed keeping up to date with those blogs I used to read every day. I miss your words. I miss your perspective and how it helps me think and grow. I miss writing my own blog.

Once back to work next week a new tax season begins. As always in a short time, life will be consumed with work until the end of April.  I always say I won't let it but it happens.  Just the nature of the business.  So, with that in mind, I am telling myself it is okay to write a blog once a week. Exercise twice a week, meditate for a shorter time.  It is all okay.

Life is interesting ... 

Happy 2015!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Big (life changing) changes in progress (I hope)

Can't believe it is September 1st already.  Where did the summer go?  For me it has been full of searching within and without.  During this process, I made a pretty big decision and am in the midst of the follow through.  Details to be shared once it is a done deal.  My stress level and ability to concentrate is, well, off the charts.   Listen to my inner voice, not the one sitting on my shoulder, I keep reminding myself.  Over and over as I tend to second guess my decisions.  Basically that is just the fear (perhaps of change) talking.

Today, I drew three cards relating to this particular life change, what I need to know and the ultimate effect.  These are the cards I drew from the Anna K Tarot:

Wow, I think this just might work out???  Do I dare think so? Hopefully within the week I will be celebrating as in the Nine of Cups.  Any positive thoughts directed my way would be appreciated, especially Tuesday around 7pm.

'til next time ....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Using the Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin for today's draw.

I do believe I am being encouraged to have more hope and optimism in my heart, mind and body.  Give form to what is within and being confident about it.  Pay attention to the little clues as they could very well be the key to opening the door. (I am struggling to give form to much of anything lately.)

Any thoughts out there in the Universe?

Miss my blog.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Unconscious Awareness

Finally, a week off work.  A week to unwind, relax and spend time doing .. well whatever I feel like doing.  Contemplate, exercise, catch up.

With that said, it has been harder than I thought to take myself out of my normal work routines and get out the creative me.  Concentration is somewhat lacking.  Although I do suspect my old brain needs a rest.  Some meditation is in order so have been spending time doing that.

Still with the Vision Quest Tarot by Gayan S. Winter & Jo Dose using the same spread as the other day, my cards for today - Card 1 - The Essence of my "issues"; Card 2 - What hinders me; and Card 3 - What helps me.

Surprise, surprise.  Two cards the same as last time, different position but same message.

I had already made the decision to concentrate on various types of meditations a few days ago.  So seeing the Moon reinforces this is a good decision.  Very important to get deeper in touch with my inner life, even my past lives.  Bring to the surface what needs to be dealt with, what has been forgotten but is affecting me now.

Mother of Earth in the hindering me position is telling me to be kind and good to myself.  I need to be my own security/foundation.  Many years have been spent being this for others and yes, still can be, but to a lesser degree.  She is also telling me to stop obsessing about certain financial matters relating to my future security.  To have faith in the plan worked out, let life work itself out and be here in the now.

Four of Fire I think the time is right around the corner where all the emotional ups and downs and confusions of this past year will be worked through.  I have purged, both physically and emotionally, with the intent to welcome the new.  I am grateful to all those who have been a part of my life and to those who have helped without me even being aware. Never take anything for granted.  

I love this deck and what it has to say. Glad I dug it out.