Sunday, July 15, 2012

Up early this Sunday morning.  Looking forward to the day ahead.  It is going to be an busy day as I try to get some much needed housework done (can't put it off any longer), get over to the grocery store for some supplies and then, settle down for some serious study (which is fun for me).

Looks like a rain kinda day.  Totally overcast and very humid.  We haven't had much rain and really need some.  Will have to see if it actually rains.  Perhaps a thunderstorm.

Just for fun drew a card from Nature Spirits Oracle Cards to see what I should give thought to today.

Rebel - from the Guide Book - "This Nature Spirit stands alone and feels a little different from the rest.  Remember, being different is not a bad thing.  You are just as unique as this Nature Spirit and should relish being different."

Okay ... I've always felt different growing up in many ways although I tried to blend in.  I've always been independent (although sometimes forced on me as a child and as an adult), I enjoy working/being by myself and am a self starter.  I am in the learning process of putting into practice the fact I don't need to prove myself to anyone and it doesn't matter what they think.  At the same time I am kind and fair to others.

Food for thought today as I go about my chores. My babies are still sleeping :)))

to be continued ...

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