Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Now that I am back at work, my routine changes.  And it is extremely hot. And me with no a/c.  I must think about getting a window unit.  It is almost impossible to concentrate or even get motivated to do anything once I'm home.  I am tired, grumpy and hot.

I grabbed my Vanessa Tarot since it is a light, fun deck and drew three cards.  When I saw them, any meaningful interpretation was out the window. I laughed.

4 of Wands - in this deck one lady is playing in a tub full of water, splashing around.  Oh that must feel good. Reminds me I need to go have a cool shower.

The Star - again some water. This lady is in a bikini standing in a pool of water looking oh so cool.

And then the 8 of Swords ... the eights just won't go away will they.  Back to the self-created stuff again. And I totally understand why they keep coming up and am working on it.  But hey can't it go away just for one day.  No water in this 8.

The cards have spoken, I am going to go cool down.

to be continued ....


  1. I get SO cranky when I'm hot. And gloroski, my tamoxifen blesses with my hot flashes in addition to the weather :) but it is a blessing so I'll carry on...
    be well, be cool, keep working on those 8's.

  2. Sharyn, as I get older, I am not tolerating the heat as well. I really do need to remedy the situation with an a/c unit. Course that won't stop the hot flashes as they continue on at their will. I am used to them and for sure they are not as bad as in my 50's. Some tell me they might never go away :((

    I loved your quote today on your site. Perfect words.

    You be well ...