Thursday, July 12, 2012

Card for today from DruidCraft deck:

2 of Cups - obviously for me it is not about a love relationship.  Not today anyway.  It aligns perfectly with what I am working on in my meditation sessions.  As I look at the card it speaks to me of healing; the power of love to heal, to calm.  Balance and harmony. 

Last night, as a creative visualization aid, I printed a picture of myself with my friend in a happy moment with the words "balance and harmony" underneath.  I taped it eye level here at my desk so every time I sit down, I will look at it, read those words and put that out into the Universe.  It does work.

It was a good day at work.  I had a nice lunch with my daughter.  It is getting really humid and hot again (the hot never left but the humidity left for a few days).  As always, on Fridays, I ride my bicycle to work so am grateful there is no rain in the forecast. 

to be continued ....

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