Sunday, May 27, 2012

Having a rather difficult time since the eclipse.  Brief periods of light but then the darkness comes again without warning.  Feels like I'm down a hole and can't climb my way out.  Trying, just can't quite get there.  Almost, cry of joy, but a bit too soon.  Life is a challenge sometimes, well my life always has been, and this is no different.  Learn the lesson, Carol, I tell myself.  Learn the lesson.  Or it will just come back around and around and around until you do.  Okay.  

I had decided to do some mediation or some qigong to get out of myself and then I read these words and perhaps I will be able to make that climb ...

Universe:  "Grant me the awareness to be fully present and receptive to the gifts of this day. Free me from the distractions of the past or fears of the future and allow me to be genuinely open to all that is available to me TODAY. Help me to enjoy the creativity of others as well as share my own creativity at its best. Let this be a day where I experience my life as a wonderful creation which I deeply love and am grateful for." (by Sonia Choquette)

Okay universe, I hear you.  Again.  It isn't like I don't already know this stuff.  Because I do.  I do.  One little lesson: put in place (somehow, someway) daily reminders so I don't forget my Self, my purpose, my goals, what I am grateful, who I am grateful for, those I can help, those that can help me and on and on.  Daily.  Don't get caught in the hole again.

To be continued ....

Monday, May 21, 2012

Back same day ... that is a record.  This afternoon I choose a deck, Morgan-Greer and meditated for awhile holding it.  Felt good.  Decided to draw three cards asking for some general direction to get me going again.

1 - 6 Swords
2 - King of Cups
3 - 5 Wands

Air/Water/Fire ... with the King itself being Air.

My first thoughts:  Moving forward from sad, stressful times, from indecision, from avoidance.  Becoming again aware of my intuition and my leadership abilities, having let them sit on the back burner.  The King is looking to the future away from the past although he is looking at the 5 of Wands.  Too many ideas floating around, too many things started and not finished.  I am to work on the sorting out of all these various areas in my life I need to balance.  I began that process today.

Adding the 6 + 5 = 11 is Justice.  Interestingly, this is the card I pulled last week and have been looking at all week.  I need to be honest and take responsibility for where I am in this life and where I am going.  I need to listen to my Self and move forward.  Always move forward.  The three cards pulled today clarify.

Excellent cards in my opinion.  They spoke loud and clear to me.  That made me smile.  Okay I hear you universe.  I hear you.

I will begin Qigong again along with my regular exercise workout.  I began it over a year ago, loved it but did not continue for whatever reason.  I NEED to continue it as it helped.  I enjoyed it very much.

So, a lot came from those three cards.  Happy me.

To be continued ....
Almost been a year since I've posted.  How did that happen?  Doesn't really matter since no one read it but me but it is a good place to write down my thoughts with the help of some tarot cards.  I am just out of another busy tax season and am finding my Self again.  Tax season leaves me with no time or energy for the things I love to do.  My life becomes work, sleep and work again.  No way to live but not really an option to change jobs at this point in my life.  Am going to start reading again and posting here with thoughts.  For myself. LOL.

The eclipse last night at 0 degrees Gemini falls exact on my Venus (really in last degree of Taurus) which happens to be square Saturn and opposite the Asc.  Saturn square my Sun bringing that into the mix ... TSquare triggered.   Interesting.

To be continued ... (and I mean it)