Friday, June 29, 2012

I have thoroughly enjoyed this week off work.  Can't believe it is Friday already.  Good news ... Monday is a holiday so I have an extra day before heading back to the office.  I do like my job and for the most part enjoy it.  However, I do believe I like not being there more.  Gives me a insight how it would be to retire.  But won't go there since that is not a reality for quite some time.

It is extremely hot outside and inside as well.  It certainly does zap the energy and finding the motivation to "work" is not easy.  Had to though and so I did.  I exercised by carefully doing my weight routine and as well the special exercises I found to help my upper back/shoulder/neck area.  Is feeling much better.

I worked for two hours on the requirements necessary to obtain my "hall pass" needed to join classes at the Magical Circle School (I enrolled earlier this week).  Proving to be more work than I had anticipated but, saying that, I am enjoying the tasks.  Just going to take me longer to actually get in the class I want to take.  All in good time.

I then did a meditation session which was amazing.  These sessions are getting better each time.  I am understanding my inner Self better and how it works for me in there. It can get somewhat confusing but I am learning to just totally let go ....

Then I found my DruidCraft Tarot deck and drew three cards:

1 - 5 of Cups
2 - 8 Swords
3- The Fool

hmmm .... The scenery on the 5 of Cups is my dream.  It is not far from my cabin and I can walk there anytime.  Well, my cabin my my dream world!  I must not forget I still have two full cups and my hope and dream is still alive.  I just need to turn around from looking to the future wishing and dreaming, to being in the moment .. and believe it.  Yes, I need to believe it can happen.  Not just stand there looking out wondering what it would be like and feeling sad thinking it will never happen.

The 8 of Swords confirms I feel like I am stuck (and indeed sometimes I feel like I am stuck like glue) but really I am not.  It is of my own doing ... most likely my thought patterns.  And my fear.  And my attitude.  All up to me to change.  I don't have to be stuck.  Sure real life is a challenge but that is nothing new for me.  It has always been a challenge to be me.  A part of me wants to be this girl and stay stuck.  Sometimes it certainly is easier.  But the other part of me wants nothing to do with that and will do whatever it takes to get unstuck.

So then we come to The Fool ... and that says it all.  Take care of the 5 and the 8 and move forward, take the risk.  Allow my soul to guide me.  Exactly what I am doing with the inner guide meditation sessions.  I continue on my journey of discovery.  Continually changing along the path as I grow and grow.

I feel good about these cards.  Lessons need to be learned, challenges overcome but mostly these are within myself rather than from the outside.  I really love this deck.  The cards are huge but I like the feel of them in my hands and I just shuffle them by holding them the long way and it works.  Going to keep them out for awhile.

to be continued ....

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  1. Hi Carol, thank you for stopping by my blog, it is always nice to touch bases with visitors. Can you expand a bit on your magic circle school?