Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The good, the bad and the ugly.  Such a mixture of emotions.

First the good:

Had a free mini-facial after work yesterday.  Oh my gosh, I could have laid there all night.  Got some really excellent advice for my skin type, age and products etc. I really want to go for a full 2 hour facial.  And maybe a massage.  Oh yeah, they cost money.  Will have to look at my budget.

Got some much needed closure on a situation in my life needing closure for quite some time.  I am not going to lie, I still don't understand what went so wrong and understand I probably never will.  I've been working on getting to this point and yesterday I got there.  At least I certainly hope so.  Felt like it.  

The Bad:

Been sick for two days with flu like symptoms and end up with a migraine by day's end.  Went to work both days but if I feel like this when I wake up tomorrow morning, I think I will stay home.  It is hard right now as I don't have time to be sick.  I am already doing my job plus another job and if I am not there that leaves someone else to do three jobs.  Hopefully I will be feeling better but if not, I will call my co-worker and tell her to just leave everything for me on Thursday.   sigh

The Ugly:

My daughter's boyfriend just lost his best friend.  This friend was shot to death, murdered, Saturday night.  Another person was also shot but he survived.  Poor Chris was to meet up with his friend on Sunday and was calling him Sunday morning getting no answer.  He finally went on facebook to write him a message when he saw some RIP's.  He confirmed what he did not want to face.   How does one deal with something like this.   Our town does not have many murders ... this will be the 5th for the year.  Five too many for sure.  The police did make an arrest, and this is good, however, does not help the grief.

My choice for a deck the next few days is Tarot of the Old Path by Howard Rodway.  Can't remember when I got it since I didn't write the date in the book.  I do know I've never used it.

Today's card:
My first thought seeing the lady's red dress is she is strong and vibrant.  And like me middle aged.  She is looking forward to her future.

That is all I get right now.  Its been a rough day.  

to a better tomorrow ....


  1. That's terrible. Sorry to hear it, Carol.

  2. Closure is good, if complicated. Sorry to hear about the murder - so hard when something like that explodes into your life!