Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It was the Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday so an extra day off.  Always nice.  My son hosted dinner.  He did all the cooking because, well, he is amazing.  Going to school to be a computer programmer, his job to help put him through school, is as a cook in a prestigious conference center/cafe/hotel/weddings etc etc that is a part of the university and sits high up on the most beautiful land.  He really could be a chef if he so chooses and perhaps he just might.  Who knows.  For now, I prefer he finish college, get the programmer degree.  Anyway, off topic.  

It was wonderful to have a family gathering with good food, lots of laughs. Exactly what I needed.  And exactly what my daughter and her boyfriend needed after they spent Friday evening and all day Saturday at the funeral activities for his best friend who was killed.  All the more reason to be grateful and thankful to be together.

This morning just before heading out the door for work, I sat down to pull a card. (still going to use Tarot of the Old Path for a few more days).  Something different.  I quickly had a look so I could keep it in my mind as I went about my day.

Again with the red.  He has a serious look on his face and he is obviously carrying something important.  I do think it is for me!!  There has been some uncertainty within me about a certain project and whether or not to continue.  Lately, I feel I have come through a crisis, ready to let go and leave it behind.  This Page is telling me indeed there is a new beginning/a new phase.  Listen to the messages I am receiving. 

My decision before I sat down to really have a look at the card was to continue with the project.  I believe this is the correct way to proceed.

Off I go to enjoy some left-over butternut squash soup made by Chef Jordan sent home with me last evening to enjoy today.  Steamed up a few veggies to go with it.  Yummy.

starving ....

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