Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Had a migraine yesterday and unfortunately was unable to do anything when I got home from work.  Nothing works except going to bed so I did that.

Hmm ... The Star.  A very pretty card. Gorgeous butterfly pops right out, as does the eight pointed star.  Pulling this card tonight gives me hope and strength.  Some good news was confirmed this morning as soon as I got to work.  A new person has been hired and will begin working on Nov 5th.  And so the training period begins and although this will take up much of my time and still keep me a little too busy, there is an end in sight.  Hope.  This person is young and eager.  

I also found out my son and his girlfriend got the townhouse they want to rent.  It took 12 anxiety ridden days for this answer due to some complications totally unrelated to them.  However, they could have been informed.  Anyway, in the end it all worked out and it is wonderful news for them.  Now the fun begins.  I offered my help in any way they need it during the moving process.  I might live to regret that LOL.

Despite the challenges still surrounding me and there are always challenges ... much has been accomplished.  Decisions made, new ideas explored, hope renewed.  I do feel the strength.

As I look out my window typing this, the wind is picking up, it is still raining and most of the leaves are off the trees.  A few more good winds and they will be gone.  

My view changes ... inside and out.

to be continued ....

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