Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The card for today (from Tarot of the Old Path by Howard Rodway)

Looking at this card, I find I feel peaceful.  I like how the sun seems to be the source of the water as it trickles down to the stream.  Seems to me there is a lot of protection in this card.  There is quite a bit of detail that doesn't show up in the picture.  The sign of Taurus at the top of the border.  My sun is in Taurus.

I have the words "balance and harmony" written on a piece of paper taped at eye level here at my desk for the purpose of visualization.  Originally there to help me with a certain situation which is now resolved, however, it is a permanent goal.  This card makes me think of this.

So, today would have been my grandmother's 112 birthday.  Since she lived with my mom and dad after the passing of my grandfather in 1972 until mom's passing in 1990, I knew her well.  A lovely lady.  Happy birthday grama ♥ Here is an old old picture of a fun day, taken in one of those old photo booths. That is me with my eyes closed.  


  1. Lovely pic! Good luck with the balance and harmony, I could definitely do with some of that, too :)