Friday, October 19, 2012

Phew ... Friday I have such a heavy workload at work.  It is my busiest day and as well it is the other job I am doing busiest day.  How does that work? How does one find the time?

Before I ran out of the house this morning, I quickly drew a card from the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck by Karen Marie Sweikhardt. 

Doesn't really look like the traditional 10 of Wands card in any of my RWS decks.  I absolutely relate to the RWS version.  Definitely a bit overworked today.  Despite the burden, I completed the tasks.  

Looking at the Ten of Staffs, it reminds me of yesterday's card only today I am able to visualize the journey's end or at least allow myself to get out from behind the trees.  Interesting there is a home visible between the trees.  Moving has been on my mind and I've actively been searching.  Made a few calls but am not having much luck, so far, with calls being returned.  It may not even be something I should do but decided to check out my options.  The place I had in mind is within walking distance to work, however, there are no grocery stores or any type of stores nearby.  The walking draws me in and perhaps the other part can be worked out.   I love the butterfly in the card ... encourages me.

Just before I left work for home my co-worker left a little gift on my desk.  I smiled so much my face hurt.  She totally made my day.  Isn't it amazing what a simple gesture of kindness can do.  

My co-worker knows I have a bigger version and not long ago I saw these available at the bank and mentioned to her I wanted to get one.  Haven't named her yet, or maybe him.  My Lexie was a little curious and I thought the picture was so cute.

moving forward for some food and some relaxation ....

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