Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A beautiful time of the year.  Can't help but smile.  My daughter took this picture the other day.  The colour won't last long and the leaves will be gone.  Everything seemed perfect.

Brings joy to the heart looking at it.


  1. high country, Rockies-ish?
    Our fall is gorgeous this year, but I always say that.
    Your yesterday post shows personal progress, good job. That is so hard to see for ourselves...

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for the encouragement. I do feel like I've made some progress recently. Then there are the times I think I've taken steps back. But it is always a never ending work in progress.

      The view is in southwestern Ontario .. about 2 hours east of Detroit and 2 hours west of Toronto. Taken from my daughter's 6th floor balcony from. The wonder of nature.