Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just not myself lately and haven't been able to write or play with my cards.  Sometimes I wonder who I am.  Earlier in the year, I was writing my "memoirs" as requested by my son and certainly came upon some unexpected emotion.  Discovered things I had hidden deep within.  I am far behind in this project as I had to set it aside before beginning again.  Work through what came up first. 

Working two jobs for the price of one has taken a toll on me physically, emotionally and mentally.  I get through the work day just fine and am able to handle all the extra work but once home, there is no energy left.  There is no motivation left.  My boss finally got a job description written up and before sending it out to an agency, will distribute it to all our office staff.  Someone may know someone who knows someone.  Hopefully it won't be long before there is someone for me to train.  Get some normalcy back in my working life.

I tried to meditate today with not much luck.  The lady next door had her tv on so loud, that is all I could hear. Even with earplugs in and the window closed.   It is quite a warm day so her windows are open.  I had to laugh.  Nothing can be easy.

For the next little while I am going to use The Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed.  My note in the book says I bought it Aug 2006.  The deck was still in order, never used.  Honestly, the book scares me as I don't really understand it and haven't taken the time to try.  I am not sure I like the cards but will give them a try for a few days.

Today's draw:

Drew the Two of Wands first.  Seeing all the yellow, my first thought was the sun, life. He looks to me to be very strong mentally and perhaps is controlling those leaves.  It seems wands are air (I think of them as fire).  Per the book, it says something about making plans.  This is true.  I have a list of them.  For more clarification, I shuffled again and drew the Three of Wands.  A little different from what I usually see for this card.  My first thought was this is me ... the younger version, the current one and the older one.  Also filled with yellow and they are so intense.  Their wands form a triangle which looks like a star to me.  A star is hope.  I should continue working on my plans.  Exactly what I am doing.  When I can.

As always a work in progress ...

PS ... things don't look very good for my cousin's husband who is fighting an aggressive form of cancer.  Not good at all.  He can use all the positive energy and thoughts available.


  1. I'm very sad to hear about your cousin's husband! How awful. I will send as much positive energy and healing as I can.


    1. Thank you so much. Despite the diagnosis, they are still fighting with all they have and won't give up. Nor should they. I have a picture of him pasted at my eye's view so whenever I look up I see him and can do some visualization.