Sunday, October 28, 2012

Several days off for a mini-recharge.  Well not off from work as that pays the bills but time off from study, meditation, exercise.  Took the time to sit and read a book, catch up with a few movies and think about not much of anything.  

Am back now.  Got out The Medicine Woman Tarot deck (Carol Bridges) and guidebook earlier this afternoon.  I have used this one before but not for many years.  It was way at the back of a drawer full of decks.  Started reading the guidebook and Carol's words spoke quite loudly to me.  Planning to take some time and go through the book.  As well, use it for a daily draw for awhile.

Today's card:

My first thought was how grateful I am for all I have and for those who came before me having a part in all I have and am.   I am seeing things with fresh eyes and trying to handle things differently than I normally do.  I am not alone (even if I think I am at times) and I don't need to let go of what is good.  The rest will fall away on it's own and in fact it has.  Because I let go.

Life moves forward.  I have been looking back lately and perhaps got a little too caught up in the past.  I realize the purpose for me doing this, however, I need more of a balance so I don't miss out being here now.

I end today with a video a local singer/songwriter, Danny Michel, posted today.  He did this while on tour in Europe, the video shot in Berlin.  I can't help but smile.  He loves music.  His words have meaning.  He is genuine.  Can't wait to see him when he makes it to town end of November.

dancing my way to the kitchen ....

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  1. I look forward to your Medicine Woman draws. Glad you got the chance to recharge your batteries!! x