Thursday, October 4, 2012

A glorious hot mostly sunny day today, however, it is likely to be the last for awhile.  Very windy right now.  No doubt blowing in some cooler air.

I had a bit of a setback today after I got home from work when a certain email appeared.  Funny how quickly I went right back into a horrible place.  However, I am proud to say, I rebounded within 15 minutes.  Deleted the email.  Talked to myself.

Got out the cards and what card fell out but:

Had this card the other day. I tried to continue shuffling for more clarification but the cards would not let me.  They kept falling all over the place and made it obvious this was the card for today.  Very appropriate really considering where I went for 15 minutes.  Seeing the lady in red looking intently and happily (she does have a tiny smile on her face) towards her future wherever that may take her made me smile with joy.  And I was back.

moving forward ....


  1. AND lots of tool for sweeping away what doesn't work.

    1. haha, yes, Sharyn, in all the looking at those besoms I did, I missed thinking about "sweeping" away the unwanted. Absolutely. Brought a smile to my face early this morning as I am supposed to be getting ready for work. You have a great day :))

  2. Very nice! Boy, I love the 8 of Wands! It has rarely been a negative card for me. Then again it tends to be sort of general--news of some sort, happening quickly. I am sorry about the unpleasant e-mail and glad you were able to put it out of your mind.