Sunday, September 30, 2012

A wonderful lazy weekend coming to an end.  Sad to see it go.  Would love more time.  But back to work in the morning.  

Yesterday I erroneously called The Fairy Tale deck by Lisa Hunt the Once Upon a Time deck.  Sorry, that is the name of the companion book.

Today, I was playing with it and did a three card spread wondering how I've been doing and what I still need to be looking for.

Seeing the cards, my first thought was how I need to expand my horizons to include an activity that will take me out of my comfort zone, something that will stimulate my soul/spirit.  Earlier in the day, during a meditation, this thought came to me in the middle of something totally not in that area.  I acknowledged it and went back to where I'd been.  But then when these cards came up, that is all I could see.  I will work on finding something.

As for the cards, they will be retired today.  Not because I don't like them.  There is just too much detail and I am a little lost with the meanings.  At some point, I would like to read the book to refresh my memories of the fairy tales and Lisa's interpretations.

Tomorrow another deck will see the light of day ...  

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  1. Hey, welcome to deck of the week! It is a brilliant way to utilize your cards, how else to recognize what resonates?