Sunday, October 21, 2012

It was an away from the computer sort of weekend.  Well until about an hour ago.  Yesterday, I spent all day purging and sorting through my desk area catching up with paperwork, finances, and on and on.  A productive day and it felt good.

Today as part of my "moving forward" I had to make a decision about something.  To continue or leave it behind.  I did a yes/no spread and got a NO and then did another, just to be sure.  Got a NO again.  Meaning leave it behind.

Then I did a meditation although not with the intention to think anymore about the decision. I spent some time with "Mercury" which surprised me.  However, it was quite enlightening and I got the message.  :))

After the meditation, it was time to pull a card for the day still using Tarot of a Moon Garden deck:

Two's being about balance and decisions, she is certainly me today.  The swords coming out of her back with dragonflies at the end I see as change, hope and some self-realization.  It is night and she is blindfolded.  This all helps her block everything else out as she weighs her options and makes a decision.  She does look relaxed although her hands are not.  A little bit of indecision perhaps as the emotions get stirred up (the big waves behind her).  But still, she is open to what comes.

I am happy with the decision I came to today.  I will find another plan to replace the one I am leaving behind.  I am still on the path just making a little detour along the way.  I had to give it a try, wasn't what I thought it would be, isn't the direction I want to go in as it veers too far off my path ... so yeah, right decision.

A good weekend and am sorry to see it end so quickly.  Must get myself prepared for another week of work.

off to prepare ....

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