Sunday, August 12, 2012

The last hours as my week off is winding down.  I don't want to go back to work :(  Oh well, pays the bills.  Plus I have two more weeks to look forward to at end of the month/beginning Sept.

Who knew it would take so long to set up a new computer making sure everything from the old one safely ended up on the new one.  My son came over on Wednesday afternoon to answer all my questions and check things out.  He then suggested why doesn't he prepare supper for me.  Can't say no to that so off we go to the store for supplies.  He also gave me a lesson on how to properly use the gears on my bicycle.  Seems I've not been managing them to the best of their ability.  The boy can multi-task!!  Love you Jord.

I had a bit of crisis with my kitty, China, who I adopted last December.  Somehow she hurt her paw pad and it was infected.  Had to get her to the vet.  Poor baby gets car sick and threw up all over the carrying case.  Since I am car-less, my daughter helped me get China there and back.  The vet was stumped as to how it might have happened, as am I.  She is on some antibiotics and will have to take her back on Tuesday.  She won't let me look at it so it is hard for me to tell how it is doing.  However, she is more like herself now than she was last week.  I am hoping it will be a good report on Tuesday.

It has been such a lovely, relaxing week.  The weather was very hot until Thursday when it clouded over.  I had to take a second look because its been a blue sky summer with little rain.    We did get a tiny bit of rain but certainly not enough to help the poor farmers in this area.  Their crops are not doing well.  It has been nice to have a drop in temperature and get some relief.

While I was rearranging my "office space", I came across The Celtic Wisdom Tarot deck by Caitlin Matthews.  Forgot I had it.  I've always wanted to delve more deeply into Celtic myths and traditions but it still remains on my to do list.  Thought I would spend a bit of time with it today and see how it felt.  I do enjoy the deck itself.  Like the pictures.  I don't understand all of what Caitlin has to say about them, however, I get the general idea.

I shuffled and drew Queen of Art - all about what I am doing to nurture my soul.  Exactly what I have been doing this past week.  She prefers home to the world at large and indeed I had no desire to leave my little nest and the few times I did, I wanted to get home quickly.  

Even without working, there just didn't seem to be enough time.  Never enough time.  It is hard to choose what to pick and what to leave on the list for another time.  So much time was spent with the computer exchange involving a room rearrangement, little else got done.  It was a good purge though.  The room feels new.  I now sit facing the window and can just glance up for a look at the sky or the little forest of trees.  I like it.

A happy 60th birthday to my dear friend Peter today.  His mother just celebrated her 104th birthday a few weeks ago.  She still lives in her own place.  Peter helps her out but she still has her mind intact and is able to get out and about with the help of a walker and Peter.   Imagine that.

to be continued ....

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