Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I was thinking I really should start putting the images of the cards I pull on here.  The decks are so different from each other and often the message is different.  Will put on my "to-do" list.  My son is a computer person presently in school to be a programmer.  For years he has offered to help me with a web site.  One of these days am going to take him up on the offer.

Took the afternoon off to take China back to the vet so he could check up on her paw pad.  Looks really good.  At this point, nothing else needs to be done.  Continue with her meds until done and keep an eye on her.  We probably will never know how this happened but all that matters to me is her being fine.  She was really good in the car this time.  Didn't meow or throw up.  Wasn't too happy while being examined but was very happy to arrive back home.

The visit didn't take as long as I had anticipated thereby giving me some extra time at home.  I did my weight exercises and some ab work.  Then got myself comfortable for a meditation.  After that I pulled three cards from the Pagan Tarot (Gina Pace).  I really enjoy this deck.  Use it all the time.  The cards I pulled fit in perfectly with what went on in my meditation session.

The Chariot
2 of Chalices
The Sun

My mind was spinning (info overload about options in my future) and it was hard finding a balance and calm but all the while in the meditation the sun was all around me encouraging me to find the happy part of my soul and the 2 of Chalices encouraging me to continue with the visualization of my ideal self.  Keep up the meditations, the study and allow it to happen one step at a time.  Be in the moment and it will fall together as it should.

Adding the numbers of the cards up you get 28 = 1- = The Wheel.  This is the card I pulled yesterday.  Hmm ...

to be continued ....

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