Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letting go.  How do I do it? No idea. Have to find out.  I don't let go well.  Of all sorts of things.  In many ways I know the answers.  I can go back to what appears to be the root of my emotional crap and move forward from there seeing how each event altered me.  But knowing is one thing, another to let it all go.  My life has been one challenge after another.  Nothing comes easy and I'm okay with that.  I'm used to that.  I always say my saving grace is my Moon in Sag in 1 (even if it is opposite Mercury/trine Neptune).  It allows me to have a positive outlook 80% of the time.  It allows me to enjoy the simple things in life with joy and gratitude.

Got out the Vanessa Tarot by Lynyrd Nariso (US Games Systems Inc) to help lighten the mood and pulled:

The Queen of Wands reminds me to be confident, assertive and energetic.  All things I am ... well unless I forget.

Strength reminds me of my courage and resilience.  I have these in spades and have had to fall back on them over and over.  

9 of Coins reminds me to be proud of what I have achieved and to continue to direct my energy in positive ways towards my joys.

Add them up (8+9=17) and you get the Star.  Hmm ... hope and light. 

Letting go.  Painful and difficult. Why.

Perhaps these cards are telling me to just be me, remembering all I've been through has led me to here.  And here is all I have.  Be balanced and continue along my journey.  Use the tools I already have and the ones I have yet to learn and the letting go will take care of itself.

a work in progress ....


  1. We are indeed works in progress. It is only by looking back in 10 year increments can I see how I've changed and grown. Letting go is like eating an elephant, you can only do it one bite at a time.
    here is to a successful journey.
    Sharyn, thanks for the hug, they always fit

  2. Hi Carol,

    Sounds like you have all you need to do this, to let go of what is no longer helpful. Maybe, with all that dynamic Queen of Wands energy, it would help to think of what you want to move towards, more than what you want to leave behind. A change in perspective that might soften the releasing...