Monday, August 20, 2012

A much better day today. Even getting up early for work was fine.  After work, I stopped at the grocery store for a few supplies only to find it so busy, I had to wait in line for a good 20 minutes.  Finally got home.  A lovely feeling.  

Sat down to meditate for a bit only to find myself distracted by my neighbors loud television. A nice lady but going deaf and forgets our conversations about keeping it lower.  Somewhat annoying.  Got my earplugs out but even with them in, I could still hear her tv.  So I decided to go to the bathroom, close the door and try there.  Next thing I know, my kitty, China; comes in, sits up on the counter right beside me and starts purring.  She has the loudest purr ever.  I just had to laugh.  Okay universe no meditation today.  

Came back to my desk and pulled a card. Again from The Whispering Tarot (by Elizabeth Hazel).  The Hanged Man (12)  Hmm ... my first thought is how comfortable he looks and how calm.  Even with all of his material belongings slipping away.  He was right there in the moment not seeming to be concerned about the consequences of this.  And perhaps that is the point.

My lesson of late is learning how to let go, how to distance myself from certain things and people, and not to worry about what might be down the road.  This card is another reminder.  Also to be open to options I might not even consider or be aware of opportunities I might not think are opportunities.

Slow but sure .....

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