Friday, August 3, 2012

From the Vanessa Tarot I pulled The Moon.  To clarify a bit more, I pulled Ace of Cups.  Okay, I say to myself.  Will ponder. (have always liked the Moon card and 98% of the time it shows up is a positive thing for me)

It was a long hot, hot bicycle ride home from work today.  Got all my work done and was able to leave at 3pm.  I was jumping for joy in the washroom as I changed into my biking clothes.  Could hardly contain my excitement.  A week off.

Tonight is going to be a watch a movie and lounge evening.  Totally relax and enjoy.  I am usually an early riser and once up in the morning, and after my morning coffee hopefully out on the balcony, I will continue the process of getting my new computer up and running. 

Life is good ...

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