Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not the best of weeks, not the worst of weeks.  Some ups and downs for sure. On Wednesday, I allowed myself to be emotionally wounded (again) by a friend of 45 years.  Well truth is no longer a friend.  Still trying to deal with all of that and putting distance between us is difficult when she works where I work (I got her the job).  My main goal is seeking balance and harmony between us.  I have a picture of us together happy here at my desk with the words "balance and harmony" below it and every time I sit down, I glance at it and visualize this. Took a bit of a back step this week though and she caught me off guard with some words.  So now I am working on letting go of those words and my emotional response.  Letting go is not the easiest for me being the Taurus Sun/Scorpio Asc square Saturn/MC that I am. Lesson to learn in progress. Oh the challenges never end.  But that is life, right?

My cousin's husband, who has been battling cancer, has had a setback this week.  With this news, my problems are minuscule compared to his. My heart, my love, my energy goes to him to help him fight this battle.  So sad.

On a positive note, had dinner with my baby brother and his family on Thursday night along with my daughter, my son and his girlfriend.  Wonderful to see him.  They were on their way home from their vacation and since the highway takes them right by my lovely town, he contacted me to see if we could meet.  Oh yeah.  We used to meet at my dad's all the long weekends throughout the year and for birthdays etc.  But since dad has been gone the times are growing longer between visits.  We both agreed to work harder.  

My son and his girlfriend are off for a week to Nova Scotia.  Flying out this afternoon, landing in Halifax and then looking at a four hour drive to Bekki's parent's home on the coast off Cape Breton. I am so excited for him.  

Best news and most positive ... I am off work for two weeks. Two weeks!!! Time to spend on my joys, my passions.  So looking to enjoy every moment of each day.

Had a really nice workout session today.  Then a mediation session.  Some valuable issues and possible solutions were explored.

I got out my Osho Zen Tarot deck.  Seems appropriate for my mood and what transpired in my meditation.

Pulled ReceptivityMastery of Emotions/Queen of Water

Before, during and after meditation I had been saying to myself "I am in the universe, the universe is in me, the universe and I combine".  I love this card.  I do need to "empty" my head of all the busyness going on.  I need to remain more in tune with the universe and be grateful for what life brings.  

I am indeed grateful...

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  1. Hi Carol,

    Sounds like quite a tough week, but your meditation seems to have been really helpful. And yes, LOVE this card! :D