Monday, August 13, 2012

First day back at work after some time off is always a bit disorienting.  Getting back into work mode.  Going through all the emails, all the papers piled up on my desk.  A co-worker had to do parts of my work, and because she is off until Thursday, kindly left everything for me to look over.

I had great expectations for this evening earlier in the day but now that this evening is here, well, I find myself very tired (and it isn't even 8pm).  Decided on a nice bubble bath to relax and then just get cozy in bed with a book or maybe watch a tv show.  At 10 pm lights out, turn radio on, listen to Q ... no doubt will not hear the end of it but I enjoy falling asleep to Jian's voice.  6 am comes pretty quickly.

Got out the Pagan Tarot (by Gina Pace) and pulled The Wheel.  For many reasons a perfect card especially after a conversation with my son yesterday.  Things I can't talk about on here (yet) but these things will definitely affect me... in good ways.  I think.  I hope. A possibility of an opportunity to do some things I didn't do in the past, still want to do, missed the chances previously.  Maybe I can hop on this time. So will see.

Tomorrow is back to the vet with China.  She is doing much better and although she won't let me look at her paw pad, I can tell.  Perhaps we will never know for sure what happened but I am pretty sure my thoughts are correct.  I will be very observant from now on.  She is not going to want to get back in the carrying case and being a big cat, this can be a difficult process.  Since she gets car sick, I will be prepared this time.

My brain is telling me to stop for the day ...

to be continued ....

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