Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012
I woke up a week ago Thursday morning with upper back pain.  From out of nowhere, or, maybe not.  A personal issue with a friend, although that may be the wrong word, brought me enormous stress the previous four days.  Falling on the floor crying kind of stress.  At the same time it was month end and year end at work.  I sat in my chair from 8am until 4:30pm on Wednesday and from 8am until 7pm on Thursday under a lot of pressure to get all the sales in and posted.  Any wonder my back hurts.  Thought it would go away in a day or two but over a week later and it is still with me.  Course I haven't helped.  Bicycled to work this past Friday with a heavy backpack on my back.  Beautiful ride I might add all along the river.  So lucky the bike/walking path goes all the way to work and I can avoid the streets. Had no option but to bike it in since my ride is off every Friday until the end of September.  Good thing I enjoy biking.  Carrying home my backpack full of groceries on my back doesn't help either.  One has to do what one has to do.  I am off work this coming week and plan to rest my back as best I can.  Have been doing some yoga exercises to help and will continue.  Meditating to ease the nervous energy within.

So I pulled three cards a little while ago from the Morgan-Greer Tarot (the Spanish edition ordered in error) asking for options on moving forward.  No specific spread, just a general look.

1. 7 Wands
2. 9 Swords
3. 3 Pents

They add up to 19 - Sun (love this card), that breaks down to 8 Strength. Bottom card when I looked was the World and the next top card if I had drawn it was the High Priestess. 

My first thought was oh yeah, I am tied up in knots and I am allowing my obstacles to be self imposed.  Need to learn to let things go faster and easier.  WORK AT IT.  9's can be endings.  3's growth.  Not quite over yet, however, it isn't in my nature to give up and I will continue moving forward best I can.  I am a Taurus ... I know how to be stubborn,  I know how to work hard, I know I have great inner strength.  And I love the Sun card.  Seeing it makes me smile.  LOL 

On a totally different subject, my daughter and her boyfriend did the 5k Gutsy Walk for Crohn's today in support of her friend, Jamie.  Raised a lot of money.  A 30C hot hot day as well.  Proud of her.

Oh and tomorrow is my son, Jordan's 28th birthday.  My baby. 

 to be continued .....

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