Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I am having a good week.  Love saying that.  A very busy day today with appointments and errands.  An outside day.  I walked to meet my daughter for lunch (30 minute walk) so I could take her back to work and borrow the car for the afternoon.  I had until 4:30pm so off I went.  A busy little bee I was LOL.  I made it back to pick my daughter up at work and before I went home, I stopped at the grocery store.  A very hot day today, the forecast is high 30's rest of the week.  Picked up enough supplies so I won't need to go out in the heat if I don't want to. Will see.  If I am up early enough, I might go for a walk or even a bike ride down to the river.  Haven't been down, except to bike through on the bike/walking path on my way to work, this summer yet.  A special friend who passed three years ago has a tree planted there in his memory.  I like to go sit at his tree, listen to some music that means something special and just be. 

Decided to do a late daily card.  Got out my Robin Wood deck.  I find it hard to handle.  Slippery and my little hands have trouble keeping it under control. So I don't use it much although I do like it.

Card of the day:

Knight of Swords

My first thought ... perfect card for the day I had.  The Knight and the horse both are obviously in flight and on their way in a hurry somewhere but they both look calm.  This is how I felt today as I drove around town doing my errands.

Also, with further thought, this card is showing me my bravery and willingness to move forward. The conclusions I came to Sunday and Monday and still contemplating are right and I need to trust them and not second guess myself.    I like this card.  I like the wings.  My Mercury is in Gemini and I think of my Mercury when I see this card.  This is my mind ... forever busy.

time to go unwind and calm myself in preparation for sleep

to be continued

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