Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 28th birthday Jordan.  A good day.  A what am I grateful for day.  Change the mindset to positive rather than lingering on the challenges as many of my posts have been.

I am grateful I woke up this morning
I am grateful to have two beautiful children in my life.  They are more than my children.
I am grateful for those who love me and those I love
I am grateful I have a job
I am grateful I have vacation time from that job

And speaking of vacation time.  How easy would it be to get used to not working.  Oh so easy.  I love it.  I would absolutely need some structure built in but oh the freedom.  And the stress level shoots way down.

As a what am I grateful for day, I brought out the Vanessa Tarot deck.  It is light and breezy and perfect for today.

Card of the day = 4 of Swords. In this deck the setting is, perhaps, a living room with a fireplace and an easy chair to the left.  A fire is burning.  The lady (me) is sitting so comfortably she has closed her eyes.  Resting, relaxing, taking a break from life for just a little bit.   Exactly what I said I wanted to do for this week off.  Take a break, re-charge.  Intellectually, emotionally and physically.  Perfect card.

Just for fun I checked the bottom card - 4 of Wands (another four).  This is tomorrow as we celebrate Jordan's birthday with a family BBQ.  Earlier, I got all the ingredients necessary to make him a cake.  I am going to wrap individual coins in wax paper and put in the cake.  Surprise!! This goes back to my childhood and I carried it on when the kids were young.  He will laugh.  It will be fun. 

A very hot, humid day here in Southwestern Ontario.  Yesterday was extremely hot with the sun, today the sun is hiding.  It feels like a thunderstorm could be brewing.  It is that type of day.  My only thought is the rain hold off until my son and his girlfriend get back from Toronto all safe and sound.  They went to Canada's Wonderland for his birthday.

to be continued :)))))

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