Sunday, May 27, 2012

Having a rather difficult time since the eclipse.  Brief periods of light but then the darkness comes again without warning.  Feels like I'm down a hole and can't climb my way out.  Trying, just can't quite get there.  Almost, cry of joy, but a bit too soon.  Life is a challenge sometimes, well my life always has been, and this is no different.  Learn the lesson, Carol, I tell myself.  Learn the lesson.  Or it will just come back around and around and around until you do.  Okay.  

I had decided to do some mediation or some qigong to get out of myself and then I read these words and perhaps I will be able to make that climb ...

Universe:  "Grant me the awareness to be fully present and receptive to the gifts of this day. Free me from the distractions of the past or fears of the future and allow me to be genuinely open to all that is available to me TODAY. Help me to enjoy the creativity of others as well as share my own creativity at its best. Let this be a day where I experience my life as a wonderful creation which I deeply love and am grateful for." (by Sonia Choquette)

Okay universe, I hear you.  Again.  It isn't like I don't already know this stuff.  Because I do.  I do.  One little lesson: put in place (somehow, someway) daily reminders so I don't forget my Self, my purpose, my goals, what I am grateful, who I am grateful for, those I can help, those that can help me and on and on.  Daily.  Don't get caught in the hole again.

To be continued ....


  1. Glad to see you posting entries again, Carol!

    1. Thanks, Stubblejumping' gal. I love your site and catch up at least once a week. Had no idea you'd visited here. I assumed I was writing to myself. :))