Friday, June 15, 2012

Jun 15/12

This week off from work turned into a busy week off from work.  Certainly not my intention.  The plan was to get some much needed rest to re-charge my total self.  This was not to be.  I do not enjoy shopping, however, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent shopping.  Had to be done.  Did very well for myself and am pleased with my purchases.  Tuesday evening was a family BBQ for my son's 28th birthday (actually on the 11th).  I made him a cake and added various coins wrapped in waxed paper to the mixture.  Doing this made the evening a joyous success.  We laughed and laughed.

Recently, I experienced some middle back, shoulder and neck soreness that finally seemed to have left me.  So yesterday, I resumed my weight workout only to find while doing sit-ups, it hurt my back.  I was not able to continue.  Strange for me since I've never had back issues.  It is back to the yoga only for me for awhile.  I can still walk or run, no problem, and perhaps some of the weight exercises.  This was part of why I wanted a week of total relaxation.  I think carrying all my packages on Wednesday did irritate the left side.  What was I thinking. 

Today, I brought out a tarot deck I have never used but bought quite some time ago - Manga Tarot (Riccardo Minetti) from Lo Scarabeo.   I played with it for awhile looking at the pictures, getting a feel for it.  Love the colours and the artwork.  Very different but readable to my eyes.

Before using I wrote down "fun thoughts" and then drew 3 cards.

10 cups - nice card. positive card. I felt it was telling me every moment has its worth.  The rainbow shines after the rain and how beautiful is that.  10 being the number of the Wheel of Fortune, I am thinking perhaps a turning point is on its way.

Prince of Swords - Oh okay, this Prince is looking at me as if he is not pleased with me.  Rightly so.  Takes me to what I wrote down before I started "fun thoughts" ... well Swords are thoughts ... not necessarily fun ... but I do have ideas rambling around in my head that need brought out.  I sometimes let my emotions (cups) challenge me in a negative way rather than positive.

Ace of Swords - another sword.  Again thoughts.  With the ace the thought can lead to the truth and with the Prince, I had better get using my thoughts.  My rainbow will shine but only I can make it shine.

I like these cards.  They reinforce my goals.  I am going to write up an agenda, something I can work with on a daily basis moving forward. A work in progress and that is okay.  As long as I continue on the path ...

to be continued ....

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