Monday, June 25, 2012

Proud of myself.  Been troubled with upper back/shoulder/neck soreness for three weeks now and this has limited my normal workouts.  Been working specifically on this area doing some yoga and other exercises and they do help.  But I haven't done my total weight workout in all this time.  Miss it.  Today I jumped on the treadmill and ran for awhile, did the limited exercises I have been doing and at least feel like I accomplished something.  Tomorrow will try my normal weight workout and see what happens.  Maybe there will be some I can't do so just won't do those ones.

Anyway, it was cold this morning.  I went out around 10am for a walk to the grocery store and was shocked at how "cold" it was.  Really not cold at all, just normal LOL. It has been very hot lately.  I see from the forecast, the heat will be back.

I spent the majority of the afternoon bringing my finances up to date.  I'd neglected this for too long.  I don't enjoy doing it but it did feel good to get everything in order and be able to see where I am at.  Needed to do this to help me with some decisions I'm wanting to make.

Once that was done, I sat down for a meditation and then drew a card of the day.  What came from the meditation today was a strong message for me to feel worthy.  To not be afraid.

From the Manga Tarot I drew:
Ace of Wands - I smiled when I saw this card.  The colours on the card are so perfect for me.  It is telling me to know myself and don't be afraid. Take some risks.  And indeed it is telling me I am worthy.  Wands are fire.  My Moon is in Sag and its my Moon I've been struggling with.  Where is my fire?  Where is my optimism.  I've always depended on my Moon to keep me going.  It is a positive element in a challenging chart.  I need you Moon to be there for me.  Well, of course, it has always been there.  I just haven't seen it very well. 

Life is so interesting.  I love the never ending journey of knowledge.  Always reaching for more.  Always digging deep to bring out the good.  This card reminds me not to forget what I find interesting about life, not to forget the little things that bring a smile to my face.  And to allow myself to feel the magic.

to be continued ....

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