Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rather sad today since it is the last day of my vacation.  Where did the time go? Looking back I hardly remember all the things I did but I do know I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  Don't want it to end.  However, it is back to reality tomorrow.  How hard is it going to be to wake up at 6am in the morning.  Better yet, how hard is it going to be getting to sleep tonight.  Oh well I will sleep great Monday night.

I honestly don't mind going to work.  I enjoy my job, it is pressured filled at times but I am good at it, people depend on me and I do miss some of my co-workers.  Would I like to be in a position to retire? Absolutely.  I love the freedom and the ability to spend my days surrounded by my real passions.  Even without working, I discovered there just wasn't enough hours in the day.  How can that be.

But for now the reality is I have to work to support myself and try to fit in all my other passions in a limited number of hours.    I can live with that.  Am used to it.

I am grateful to have a job, a home, my health, food on my table, two wonderful kids who seem to like me :).  My heart goes out to my cousin, her husband and their family trying to be strong while he battles cancer. My heart goes out to a former co-worker whose husband suddenly passed away this past week.

Indeed I am grateful for every minute I am given.  My goal is to do my best to make the most of those minutes.  Not always an easy goal but a worthy one.

... a definite work in progress

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  1. Hope the first day back goes smoothly!

    I so get what you're saying about there not being enough hours in the day even when we're not working ;)

    And as you say, a worthy goal to make the most of life!