Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I pulled the same card as I did on Sunday so it is time to listen

I need a plan.  Well, I always have a plan but I need to re-work my plan and explore some alternatives.  Deal with what has been on my mind.  Or I will run right into that rock.

I need to begin daily exercise again.  Weights in the morning before work and cardio when I get home.  This used to be something I never missed. Somehow, and I can't even remember why or when, it has slipped.  Starting tomorrow morning, it will begin again.  I like myself so much more when I am exercising.  My body likes me more.  

Am grateful for Chris, who drove me to work; and to Jim, who drove me home from work.  My usual ride person is sick and when she called me this morning at 6:30am to let me know she would not be going to work, riding my bike didn't seem too appealing.  

Am grateful for Cindy, my co-worker, who is so willingly helping me with my workload since another co-worker quit and it fell to me to do her job in the interim (as well as my own). 

I am off preparing ....  


  1. I found that trying to do my exercise (which is walking, now) every day creates pressure on me. It is too daunting, and that's what caused me not to do it, more often than I would have liked, and then to feel guilty and a failure, which made me do it less often, and so on in a vicious circle. This year I switched to a schedule of doing it four days a week, and giving myself days "off" in between. This is a huge relief and I am much more successful at keeping to the schedule.

    1. You are so right. In order to make it work, I can't be so hard on myself and be more flexible. The weight program is two days, then one off, and begin again. Going to try that to start. Although I can't seem to do in the morning but have as soon as I get home from work. Will go with that. Thanks for the advice. :)))