Saturday, September 22, 2012

Riding my bike to work yesterday showed me clearly autumn is at our doorsteps. Indeed it was cold on the ride in the early morning and I didn't pay much attention as my focus was on getting to work.  But the ride home, and by this time it was sunny and warm, I was very aware of my surroundings.  Luckily my ride is almost all on the bike/walking path along the river filled with trees, birds, small animals and falling leaves.  Yes, falling leaves.  Some trees beginning to change their colour looking very pretty. I like the sound of walking or biking through those leaves. 

I want to start using some decks I bought for whatever reasons but never use.  For a few days it will be The Bright Idea Deck by Mark McElroy.  I wrote in the book I bought with it "Oct 16, 2007" so have had it quite awhile.  I might have used it twice.  It deserves some use.

Hmm ... interesting card to pull considering my life the last while. My first thought was I had just been to the dentist for a cleaning this past Tuesday.  My second and more serious thought was the dentist has green hair and there is a green tooth linking the inner to the outer.  Both my inner and outer worlds need examining and they need to be dealt with as the issue won't go away on its own. I actually did accomplish some of that recently although there is still some continuing backlash for me to contend with.  

A different perspective has me the one with my mouth wide open being closely examined.  Perhaps a little too close for comfort knowing my flaws might be seen.  That is scary and I might not want to do that.  Of course I have to.

In a "normal" tarot deck this is the Judgement card.  Perhaps the situation or the change within and outside of myself has already been made.  I just need to own it and adjust.  This is actually a truth.  Took me a long time to not deny, deny, deny over a certain situation/person.  The adjustment isn't as easy as I thought but a work in progress. 

to be continued .... 

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