Sunday, September 23, 2012

A rather mixed up day with some smiles and some frowns. 

The smiles:

It is my baby brother's birthday today (he 52).  He is a good brother, father, husband and all round great guy.  Love him to pieces.

My son and his girlfriend unexpectedly dropped by with some kitty litter for me.  A lovely surprise. Not having a car it is a heavy item to carry.  He also brought me a knife to cut my various squash.  He does not think the ones I have are appropriate.  And indeed they are not.  His job while going to school is as a cook ...this is a sharp knife.  Not sure I can handle a sharp knife.  Mine are rather dull.  He gave me instructions on how to hold it.  Who knew there was the proper placement for your hand.  And then how to cut.  So sweet.

The frowns:

My daughter called me in a crisis.  We talked for over an hour and I think she was able to vent everything out and I certainly don't mind listening.  She sometimes says she doesn't want to bother me with her troubles so as not to worry me.  But I told her I'd rather she troubled me.  This is something she will deal with and be fine but for the moment she wasn't.

Went down to the laundry room to do, well, my laundry, only to find not one empty washer.  Frustrating.  Went down again a few hours later and had better luck.  However, when the washing was done and I went down to put in a dryer, the only dryers available were on the top and me being on the short side ... well, I can barely reach, let alone see into them.  Again frustrating.  Had to laugh.

Such is life.

I sat down to pull a card.  I pulled another for some clarification.  Then another. Finally decided this draw was for my daughter.  So I wrote out my thoughts and called her.

A few minutes ago pulled another for myself:

That is so me lately.  Trying to multi-task, thinking I have things under control ... but perhaps not so much.  Not only the multi-tasking but not preparing myself properly for what would be expected of me with certain decisions I made.  Leading me to reconsider. But maybe there is still time to do some prep work.  Or maybe not.  This is the question.

But right now I have to go get that laundry out of the dryer :))

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