Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Saturday with some laziness and some productivity.  Perfect really.  I can't control the craziness that is work right now.  Well, actually I can control my reaction and so far am handling myself really well despite having two jobs to do at once.  With no end in sight.  What I can control is what I do outside of work.  I cherish this time.  Use it wisely I say to myself.  

So last week, I decided to start using some of the decks I bought but never used.  Today is the start of a few days of Once Upon a Time deck by Lisa Hunt.  I've had it since Jul 2009.  I love the artwork and I love the stories.  I do find the detail of the cards to be a little overwhelming and for me, at my advanced age of 63, too small.  I keep my magnifying glass handy :)

I did a three card spread for myself earlier today with a specific question in mind and absolutely got an answer.  I spent quite a bit of time looking at the three cards and writing down my thoughts.  I also read what Lisa had to say in her book.  The Rider-Waite card for each popped into the back of my mind giving me some help.

Moments ago I pulled a card just for today as a general guide.

Nine to me means I'm almost there, the new beginning is around the corner.  It might not be exactly what I had envisioned once upon a time but just as rewarding.  Perhaps a time to pat myself on the back a little.  I made it through another challenge to be a stronger, more evolved being.  It also reinforces my view it is always better to give without any thought of something in return.  

The card itself is very busy.  Perhaps a little too busy for me.  The old man is a part of that tree and his kindness and willingness to help steer the young boy along his path beyond the forest is selfless.  He gives with joy.

As I looked up and out my window, I saw a gorgeous peregrine falcon land on a tree branch in my little forest.  What a better way to end ....


  1. I admire your using decks you never use. I once owned the Lisa Hunt Fairy Tale tarot but traded it for something. Now I can't remember what! Isn't it lovely when you have a moment glimpsed in the natural world that reflects a spiritual message just received. :)

    1. I wanted to get a picture but sadly I was too late. Just the glimpse so closely was enough anyway.