Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A beautiful sunset but it only last a few minutes and I didn't get a picture.  Then it clouded over very quickly and rain fell.  A nice sound actually and a little unexpected since it had been raining for most of the day and then early evening it cleared up.  Just for the sunset perhaps.

Very busy at work doing double duty thanks to a co-worker who gave her two weeks' notice this past Friday. I had expected her to be off these two coming weeks but now she is never coming back.  No one knew. She left without leaving proper guidance to certain aspects of her job and although I am the one who trained her 14 years ago, it will take me a few days to figure some things out.  Who does that????  Everyone is shaking their heads.  In the meantime, while my boss begins the process of hiring a replacement, I will need to cover.  

Mentally and physically drained, I sat down here at my desk a little while ago to be quiet.  Picked up the Morgan-Greer deck.

I see her as being patient, calm, knowing who she is.  There is an inner peace about her that the lion picks up on.  No fear in either.  Perfect card.

I recently overcame a huge hurdle that was blocking me in so many ways. Perhaps there is still a little hurdle to overcome before I can say with certainty the letting go is done, I feel so much lighter, so much stronger and confident going forward.  There is too much to do to spend anymore time allowing this to hold me back.  I like this peaceful easy feeling (as the Eagles once sang).  

smiling ....


  1. I started reading with the Morgan Greer deck back in 1984 and it remains my favourite. I love its rich vivid colour and simple drawings.

  2. I love the deck too and need to use it more. I inadvertently picked up the Spanish version so had to laugh at myself when I got it home. I wrote out some notes that fit in the box to interpret the cards making it easier on myself.