Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Phew, the new girl at work called in sick yesterday and again today.  I am so sorry she is sick, however, it is back to double duty for me.  No energy or motivation left for playing with my cards.  No words rambling around in my head.  Time for a break until the weekend. Relax once home.  Looking forward to Thursday evening as my son, his girlfriend and myself are going to see Danny Michel in concert.  I love me some Danny ♪

I am grateful I already have the tickets for Danny ...
I am grateful my son will be preparing a delicious meal before we go see Danny ...



  1. I'd never heard of him *doh* Hope you have a great time on Thursday :D

  2. I am not surprised you haven't heard of Danny. He is a local musician who travels back and forth across Canada and goes to Europe once a year. He plays small venues and usually it is just him and his guitar. Thursday it will be a trio. His words have meaning and he genuinely loves playing music. A great guy. And, thanks, I will have a great time :)))