Saturday, November 24, 2012

Woke up to snow this morning flying all around.  Some stayed on the ground but not much.  A strange sight indeed.  Perhaps winter is here?

Hoping all my friends and relatives in the US are enjoying their Thanksgiving celebrations.  This means Christmas is right around the corner and I better get creative with some ideas for gifts.

So, I had a dream the other night about a very nice man I was dating last year for about six months.  I broke things off with him right before New Year's Eve.  He was not pleased with me.  Rightly so.  We talked a few times since then but not for at least seven months.   Anyway, in the dream it appeared he needed to talk to me, however, it wasn't resolved.  I woke up.  Needless to say he has been on my mind and I wonder if he does indeed need to talk to me.  

Today I drew a card with him in mind from the Vanessa Tarot by Lynyrd Narciso (by the way I found the LWB today underneath my bed probably carried there by my cat, China).

Interesting card to draw  ... the Seven of Swords.  First thought of course is sneaky.  Second thought is whatever she is doing, she has decided to do it all by herself.

Underlying these thoughts for me is the idea of some sort of struggle within and solving it by being aloof or honestly thinking being alone is what comfortable.  Is it or isn't it?

This card accurately portrays "the why" I ended things.  It all happened too fast, too much especially for someone who has been on her own for many years  ... the safest thing for me was to push him away.  I successfully did that.  Of course since then, I have grown and made baby steps on the path in this area.

Do I call him or do I not call him.  Not sure.  This card did not suggest I do.  However, it made me seriously think.  

The plan is to do nothing today.  Meditate on it tonight. Perhaps this will open up what my true plan or intention is.   See what tomorrow brings.

I am grateful for the all the love in my life. 


  1. I look forward to what you are guided to do, if anything.
    And I love this card! Want to see more from this deck.
    Thanks for introducing me ....

    1. It is a cute fun deck and I quite enjoy it. Glad you have been too.

      Woke up this morning knowing I would wait to act on my impulse until Mercury goes retro and passes back over my Asc on Dec 5 and perhaps even until it reaches Sag on Dec 11 and is conjunct my Venus ... this was my conclusion. Might re-visit in December or might not. :))

  2. Will look forward to seeing what you decide. Waiting til after Merc Rx certainly sounds like a good idea - I'm always astounded by how much communication goes down the pan at these times! :)

    1. This was an especially difficult Mercury retro for me because of how it touched my natal chart. I am feeling much "lighter" today both physically and emotionally. Work was even good today. As for my friend, my current thought is to send him a Christmas card with a little note saying hi etc.

      Thanks for visiting :))