Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time is passing slowly today for some reason.  Usually on the weekends, it goes by way too fast.  Woke up this morning to more blowing snow.  This day, however, I had to leave the warmth of my home and venture over to the grocery store for supplies.  Once bundled up, I very much enjoyed the walk there and back.  

It has been quite the busy day puttering around my apartment ... and finally I exercised.  Yay for me!! This has been an on-going procrastination for me for no good reason.  Felt good both physically and emotionally. Now to continue tomorrow.

Cards for today still from the Vanessa Tarot (Lynyrd Narciso):

My thoughts when seeing these ... that is my hand in the Six of Coins reaching out for help.  The lady, who is obviously doing well materially in life, is willing to share.  Not sure what her story is, however, because of her generosity, whatever the motive, it allowed me to regain some momentum, some energy.  The girl (me) in the Two of Coins is happily balancing her life and able to adapt.  There may be decisions to be made but for the moment she is feeling joy.  Thanks to the kind lady.  No doubt they are both me finding out what is really going on.  Not just on the surface but deep within.  The six and the two add to eight = strength.  Perhaps my ability to remain resilient.  Keep my eye on those plans/goals I wrote out and continue working on what is really important.

I am grateful for the company of my girls and their unconditional love:


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  1. Lovely pic of the girls :) I especially like the curious look of the one coming to see what you're up to ;)