Sunday, June 5, 2011

A week in the life of Carol

Been awhile since I updated.  Mostly too busy with work and tax season.  No time for tarot or astro or the other joys in my life.  Energy drained.  But whatever. 

I thought things would slow down for me this past week but not so much.  Of course it not only was month end at work but also our year end May 31.  So, I found myself having to stay at work past my usual 4:30pm departure.  I had to tell Lindy to go without me leaving me without a ride home.  I could not leave until all the sales for the day were input ready to be posted in order they made it to the year end reports etc etc etc.  It was around 6:15pm when I finally got to that point and everything balanced.  And luckily one of my co-workers was still there and offered me a ride home.  It had been my intention to just head out and walk and if a bus came I'd get on.  But in t hat area, the buses only run every half hour so waiting for one was silly.  Anyway, I got the ride home and was grateful.  The next day I got an email from the CEO thanking me for my efforts and staying late .... this does not happen very often where one gets thanked so I was pleased and almost tempted to frame the email!!!!  

On Tuesday during lunch Lindy and I got our brows done.  We were a little late getting back but oh well ....  always nice to get the brows done.  Looks great for a week or so until it all starts growing in again.  Never ending.

Wednesday, I went to the dentist at 2pm to have three fillings replaced in my front top teeth.  I was rather nervous about the needles as I figured they would hurt in that area.  But the dentist was wonderful and put lots of freezing gel on before he gave me "four" needles.  And honestly, they did not hurt.  And the whole procedure which took a little over an hour did not hurt at all.  I could not feel my nose or lip and it wasn't until around 7:30pm that the freezing was completely out.  I walked home from the dentist (a 25 min walk) and stopped at the grocery store to get some "soft" stuff to eat for supper.  I knew my nose was starting to run but when I tried to wipe it, I couldn't feel it so wasn't sure if I got it or not.  So funny.  Glad I did it though as now these ones should last the rest of my life.  The ones he replaced were probably 25 years old.

Thursday morning before work, I went with Lindy to the car dealership so she could get an oil change.  Her appointment was at 8:15am and I decided just to be late for work with her (rather than ride my bike to work).  Only took 45 minutes anyway. We were at work by 9:30am.

Lindy was off work on Friday, so I did have to ride my bike to work.  Off I go on my bike at 7:30am and got about 10 minutes into my ride when I realized it just wasn't right.  I hopped off the bike and felt my tires and of course they were half empty.  Not a good thing but too late to turn back and take the bus.  So I continued on but oh my what a chore it was.  Luckily me being small didn't put much weight on the tires and I didn't break the rims or anything.  It just took me an hour to get to work (normally takes 25 minutes).  The bike just was not moving very fast and I ended up walking a lot of the times.  Once at work, I asked around and found that Jim had a tire pump in his car so he kindly filled up my tires.  The ride home was a breeze .....  what a difference.  Lesson learned ... check bicycle after sitting all winter before the morning you need to ride it to work!!!!!!  Silly silly me.

On Monday my internet stopped and so I had to do some problem solving to figure out why.  Was it my modem, my router, the cables being used.  I think on Wednesday after I got home from work, I managed to get my desktop working without the wireless involved.  I was pleased with that and decided to leave the rest of the problem solving for later.  My poor old desktop is so so slow though and frustrating but at least it worked.  Finally today, I unplugged this and unplugged that and tried this with that and finally came to the conclusion it was my wireless router that was broken.  It had been one from work so I got it second hand.  I tweeted to Lindy about it with the thought we could go get a new one during a lunch hour next week.  Next thing I knew the phone was ringing and it was her asking if I wanted to go to the store right now.  She was already out and in her car and could be over in 10 minutes.  Okay ... rush to get myself dressed and presentable to leave my apartment.  So now I have a brand new router and my laptop works again and so does my Ipod Touch and I still have my desktop hooked up.  Happy me.

The tarot workshop I was so looking forward to on Saturday ... was cancelled.  Darn anyway.  To be rescheduled.  Guess there wasn't enough interest or Saturday wasn't a good day.  Oh well.

So that is the life and times of Carol Nelson for the last week.  LOL.  Pretty exciting huh.

I did do a mini astro analysis for a new born a few weeks ago.  Kept it simple.  They liked it so much, they want me to do the same for their first born.  That is good news.  I am also taking a Life Coaching course with the thought to enhance my tarot practice and perhaps even on its own.  We shall see.

Life is good, the sun is shinning, the air is warm ... to be continued.

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