Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The card of the day: 10 of Cups.

As I look at the card, I instantly feel joy.  A rainbow and all the cups are in the rainbow.  A couple with their back to me and their hands palm out raised as if to say thanks for all the gifts.  Two children are skipping and they are part of the love this couple have found.  Cups are water ... feelings,  emotions, love in this card.  A lovely home with a plentiful stream and lush trees and earth.  Life is good.  

I keep wondering about their backs to me and they are standing not on the green earth but on the brown earth. The bottom of her dress is long at the back and a brown colour.   Perhaps they will not forget their past and where they came from as they go forward to their future.  All was not always so joyous and they've worked hard to be where they are now.

In my own life, I wish very much for my family to be happy.  When they are sad (as my son was yesterday) my heart hurts.  When my daughter goes through some tough emotions or frustrations, I just want to make it all better.  I want our lives to be this card.  Of course it isn't and the reality is it never will be,.  Life isn't perfect.  But I can wish and move forward with those thoughts.

It also triggers thoughts within me about just what happy is.  Quite interesting really.

to be continued ...

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