Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving forward

Late last night after an emotional episode, I decided to pull some cards from the Pagan Tarot deck (Gina Pace) with the thought of what course of action to move forward and am I heading in the right direction.  So often I feel I am not taking any steps forward and get down on myself.

The three cards I drew:
1 - Sun (19)
2 - Strength (9)
3 - The Wheel (10)

Added together = 37=10=1 (back to the Wheel and forward to the Magician)

WOW is all I could say and as I looked at the cards lying in front of me, tears started to flow.  The raw emotion poured itself out.  I'd been told!!!!  Okay I get it.

The Sun tells me I need a break to recharge my tired soul after the last few months of constant stress and pressure at work and really it all started back in November.  I need to use my core Strength and dig deep, be patient and allow myself to heal, to smile and have some fun.  Use my joys ... nature, exercise, tarot, astrology, life coaching course ... whatever it takes.  Continue on the path I began.  The Wheel gives me the hope, the confidence I am on the right path but I will have to work hard.  And yes, I can do it alone.  Interestingly, on the Wheel card in the Pagan Tarot, the witch sits in front of her computer with an astro chart up on the screen.  My roots are with astrology and they got cut off when I turned to tarot but I realize I need to grow them again.  I already began this process by doing a mini analysis for my cousin's daughter's newborn son.  She loved it and wants me to do one for her older son.  So, okay, indeed I've been told.  I will work hard on my inner issues with self worth, confidence and move forward step by step, day by day.  What a wonderful three cards to get and so perfect.  

to be continued ....

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